Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009

Today was EASY! I had a green bell pepper when I got home and I was COMPLETELY full after eating just ONE! This kept me all good until DINNER! When I ate a red bell pepper! I dipped it in some salad dressing and it tasted AWESOME!

I lost half a pound already! Hopefully when finals are over and I can start running again I will lose more!

:) If you're trying this diet too, keep up the good work!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Uno: June 14, 2009

Hello fellow dieters! Today, I am starting a new diet!- The bell pepper diet! You never heard of it? ME NEITHER! haha this is a new diet that I am starting and I'm gonna blog about daily so you can see my progress (and see if it even works).

Summer is almost here for me, one more week until school gets out and I need a bikini body! I know that I cant achieve it in just a week, this is going to become a summer-long project! I want to show my classmates just how great I can look.

So, today I weigh 134 pounds (GROSS) and I'm 5 foot 5 inches.

Today, I had eggs with toast and red bell peppers with some salad dressing it dip the peppers in. This makes them so much more delicious to eat!

**** IF YOU'RE GOING TO TRY THIS DIET TOO- KEEP IN MIND THAT A MEDIUM BELL PEPPER IT IS ONLY 30 CALORIES! WOW! So, Id say that every time they you get hungry, go and eat a pepper.

GOOD LUCK IF YOU'RE TRYING IT! And I'll post more tomorrow :)